#146 Fedora Activity Day for security bug triage
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= phenomenon =

We are planning an activity day in Pune to do security bug triage and fixing, tentaively on 27th September 2014. Huzaifa Sidhpurwalla is the event owner.

Event wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Pune_Security_1

= reason =

There are over 400 open security bugs in Fedora that are in NEW or ASSIGNED state. Our aim is to triage them, own valid bugs and drive them to conclusion.

= recommendation =

The activity day will be hosted at the Red Hat office in Pune, so location and bandwidth has been taken care of. We need funding to cover costs of lunch for approximately 20 people, although I believe the actual number may be lower.

== Details ==

Estimating the cost of lunch per person to be INR 250, the total cost for the event would be around INR 5000.

Let's bring this up on 27th, coming Saturday! :)

I spoke to the security folks yesterday and we have finalized 1st November for the FAD. Most of October is holiday season in India, so someone or the other is away. We'll update the wiki page soon.

The event was co-located with a Docker meetup hosted at the Red Hat office. Red Hat picked up the bill for the Security FAD lunches too since there were just 7 of us. So there is nothing to expense.

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