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please book the flight for me

== Requirements ==

flight ticket to PNH from PRG, FRA, MUC or DUS, the range of costs is beetween 730-890US$
I ask for the most reasonable fund, be aware I cover visa, hotel as train (flight) tickets to and from airport by myself

== Additional information ==

Note: the above mentioned events are not the only ones I will do during my stay. I will have on 13th an lecture on Royal University Phnom Penh to introduce to students possibilities how they can contribute to Fedora.
Addionally there will be on 17th and 18th an workshop like we did in March http://blog.iwayvietnam.com/tuanta/2014/03/11/fossasia-2014-the-last-day/ , helping new people with the first steps as Fedora contributor.
7On 19th and 20th I will have another workshop at http://smallworldcambodia.com/

Jiri, could you please help Sirko to buy this ticket. Thanks.

Expense will be accounted to APAC budget.

Izhar, Jiri's card could not work at this moment. Please support gnokii.

I took a look at http://www.qatarairways.com/, return ticket Paris - Phnom Penh, Nov 12th - Nov 24th, it costs 768.20 USD.

I think it is good enough and you can try.

P.S. Qatar Airways is a 5-star airline. Their services are quite good.

Tuan,distance from my home to FRA is 450km and people fly from FRA to CDG ;) . An flight ticket would cost me 160-200€. I am fine with Qatar Airlines, I sending you my passport number and needed stuff by mail.

But please I have to arrive on 12th, I have an appointment on 13th, backwards 24th is ok.

hi .. have the flight choice been decided yet?

if yes .. can we organize a meeting for me to get the details to book the flight?. I would be free tomorrow morning until noon, and would be occupied until sunday.


sure, take the flight on http://www.qatarairways.com/ from FRA starting on 11th and backward on 24th as it is cheaper, I am online in #fedora-apac anyway, but was does "tomorrow morning" mean?

tomorrow morning means .. 0900-1200MYT ..

allright i'll find you at #fedora-apac. Hope the credit card transaction can be done here. The last time we tried to buy with a vietnamese airline, we had problems with booking using the card.

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