#14 Complete FUDCon India Pune reimbursements
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I've just met a few of the attendees recently. None of us seem to have been reimbursed yet. The fudcon-trac tickets have been updated with accounts information etc. as required. Can the reimbursements be made ASAP please? I'm unsure who this falls under. Please feel free to point me in the correct direction.

Hello Ankur,

Unfortunately we could nt add this to the meeting agenda.
However as these travel fees are approved, there is no need to take this at the APAC meeting, we can contact relevant people and see what is wrong at the reimburse process.

Most of the time Harish and/or Rahul would be able to help you to proceed.

looking forward to solve this as soon as possible.

Rahul has responded to this matter on the FUDcon planning ML

Ankur, Please close the ticket as soon you got the reimbursement.

It's in progress. International folks have been reimbursed. Folks from India will soon be reimbursed. Rahul has made arrangements:


All reimbursements are complete. If there is anyone who hasn't received theirs yet, please reopen this ticket.

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