#139 Fedora APAC meetup in SFD Hanoi 2014
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= phenomenon =

During [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Hanoi_SFD_2014 Hanoi SFD 2014] we will have a day meeting face to face to discuss critical things in APAC.

= recommendation =

I would like to focus on a few stuffs:
How to use APAC Budget FY2105 [1] at the most efficient.
Currently, we have done almost nothing since the beginning of this year.
More ideas for events/activities next year; how to make budget plan for FY2016 better.
* Our collaboration to make the events/activities in APAC better.
Something like in EMEA, they often do events together among the region.

Please share your ideas.

Alright, I'm new to a budget-oriented discussion, so I had a look at the Fedora APAC budget page[1]. It lists few events, along with their planned/actual expenditure. I was wondering, normally for such a meeting, do we come up with a list of similar events in the upcoming year and discuss which ones makes sense for us to participate in?

Or, do such decisions take place in meetings held online?

[1] - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget:2015

FAD PP planning might qualify as a separate topic.

We can each summarize and report the state of ambassadors and the overall local community.

This isn't a talk or session but well..

Recently, I've taken up the task of cleaning up our trac and it seems like a lot of old tickets are still open. It's a slow process if I have to ask for updates on every ticket, so I propose we could spend some time cleaning up the trac.

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