#134 FAS usernames of attendees at FUDCon Beijing
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= phenomenon =
Alick just sent a mail to the fudcon planning mailing list requesting APAC attendees at FUDCon Beijing to provide their FAS usernames so that we can all be given badges. This ticket will collect them all in one place and make it easier for them.

= reason =
More badges!!

= recommendation =
Please leave one comment with your FAS username. No comment required, just your FAS.

People I remember and that are on the wiki page:

  • zsun
  • alick
  • ankursinha
  • niteshnarayan
  • adimania
  • jreznik
  • eischmann
  • robyduck
  • tiansworld
  • anishpatil
  • lovenemesis
  • Tekkamanninja
  • somvannda
  • Lennart

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