#120 APPROVED: Request for materials for Open House Phnom Penh 18 March 2014
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== Details ==
Event wiki page:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Openhouse_phnompenh_2014


Event owner FAS: Somvannda

Pay Pal address: username AT somesite DOT com

== Requirements ==

||= Printing Flyers and DVDs =||= 240,000 R =||= $60.00 =||

== Additional information ==

The money is needed for printing around 100 flyers http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design/SXSW_Materials#Brochures and DVD Media for distribute them to the visitors.

It is very first event/activity in Cambodia so I would like to approve it soon for you to have more time to get things prepared better.

I will also arrange to send some swag to you so please give me your postal address.
Btw, is EMS fine to you?

Please read our Reimbursement guidelines carefully (also for further events/activities):

In short, you need to upload receipts and write an event report and photos.

Approved amount: $60.

Thank you for your efforts.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any further supports.

Thank you Tuanta, I am sorry since I am new to Fedora, I just found out here for comments or answers to the request.

Hi Somvannda,

could you please update this thread with the event report/photos, and we can get to work on the reimbursement? We closed a similar ticket today without proper reimbursement due to inactivity, but we'll leave this open for now since I remember you told us about it at the meeting in Hanoi.


no invoice after 2 years. closing this ticket.

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