#12 Swags needed for F16 Release Party at Kathmandu Nepal
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Wiki Page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F16_Kathmandu

Required Swags:

  • Fedora 16 DVDs:
    • 32 Bit : 40 pcs.
    • 64 Bit : 10 pcs.
  • Fedora Stickers : 50 pcs.
  • Posters : 5 pcs.
  • Leaflets/Flyers : 50 pcs.

How much were they? And please attach the receipts.


Actually he did not produce locally them yet by the way he needs Swag from Harish.

Harish please advice him, it will be able to getting from Singapore or producing locally? which is best way?

Abhishek Singh(aks) please ping to Harish.


I did produce a few DVDs locally for distribution, and few copies of the poster (through my laser printer, though in b/w). The cost was not big, so I would not be applying for reimbursements.

I have a confusion though - through these tickets aren't we applying to have the swags shipped to us? Or they serve as a advance request/notification of the cost that might incur and needs to be reimbursed in future.

So I think that it would be good to close this ticket. Thank You.

Please produce them locally. I just checked with the Fedex/UPS folks here and there apparently are import tax implications in shipping it to Nepal from Singapore.


Hi aka,

Actually at the moment We(APAC)are using this trac to applying for reimbursements but i do not think so is there any problem to apply for swag too.in order to apply for swag better to send mail to Harish as well with this ticket no then only Harish will be getting notification and then he would check the availability of swag and also is it possibility to ship from Singapore or producing locally? he will decide which path would be best?

In order to apply for reimbursements,you need to have all proper bills in pdf format,event photos and event reports which you have done then he will go through everything and let you know the status of ticket.

Thanks Aks hope in next time you won't get any confused.


oh oops then sorry.

already Harish has replied.


In general I think it is good to produce swags locally as much as possible. Shipping from Singapore and the amount of tax would be very higher depending on the country. However it is good to have some printed media for release events in case producing them locally would be a good choice as well. However if the amount of media is low then consider getting them from Harish as well.

In my experience first it is better to do a research first and analyse the cost factor. Then choose the most suitable method of getting swags, getting them from Harish or producing locally.

I have seen EMEA is maintaining a good swags distribution system as long as they are Europa countries. For us it is still a dream.

The advantage of producing them regionally is, the unit cost is very low. But then if the tax and shipping cost is added the cost will be same as the cost that you produce them locally.

That is what I experienced.

I think we can close this ticket as I would not be applying for reimbursements as the costs were low.

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