#112 Use "ready-for-reimbursement" and "approved" keywords and separate report based on it
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Can we tweak the reimbursement work flow slightly?

  • Only assign tickets to Jeorg after the event report and receipts have been uploaded? Currently we assign them to him after approval. I think it sends him too many notifications that he doesn't need. He just needs to know about the ticket when it's finally ready for reimbursement. We'll request the ticket reporter to use the "ready-for-reimbursement" keyword when it's ready, and only then assign it to Jeorg.
  • Add two new reports to the trac: One that lists tickets that have the "approved" key word, showing that it was discussed and agreed in a meeting. Another report for tickets assigned to Jeorg with the "ready-for-reimbursement" keyword. That way everyone will have a one click report to see what tickets are waiting for money.

I think it is a good idea. It is also helpful for other APAC CC holder in the future.

+1 from me.
However, I think we should take it to vote in the next APAC meeting (for people to know that new way as well).


This is what I've come up with:

  1. Ticket is filed, with "meeting" key word. At this time, we refer to report 9.
  2. Ticket is discussed in a meeting and approved. We add the "approved" key word. Now, we refer to report 12.
  3. Event is finished, event reports + photos + receipts + paypal information has been added to the ticket. At this time, the reporter adds the "ready-for-reimbursement" keyword to the ticket. He can assign it to jsimon, but this isn't compulsory. Report 13 only checks for open tickets with "ready-for-reimbursement" keyword, in case people forget to assign it to Jeorg. This is the report Jeorg can refer to, instead of using a custom query or something. It also ensures that he will only be added to the ticket once it's ready for reimbursement (either by the reporter or one of us, or he can accept the tickets himself), not when it was approved.
  4. When Jeorg has reimbursed the money and closed the ticket, it'll show in report 14.

An additional report shows all approved tickets: 11. This is to differentiate event reports from others that we have on the trac (discussion/admin tasks).

I hope that's streamlined enough Tuan? If you think it's OK, I'll send out a short mail to the list and update the reimbursement page with these minor changes? I can also update the trac front page so people see it when they log in?

Warm regards,[[BR]]

I was also thinking if we should use "milestones" instead of reports like "FY2014 Q1". If we keep creating reports for each quarter, we'll have too many of them. I think milestones are supposed to be used for this purpose (not sure, but I remember seeing marketing use milestones like Fedora 20 beta, Fedora 20 release, Fedora 20 follow up etc.).

We can either have milestones based on Fedora releases or based on quarters. Considering that the Fedora release cycle isn't the most regular, I think 4 quarters would be better.

Replying to [comment:4 tuanta]:

It's fine to me.

I've added 2 milestones for the time being:

  • FY2014 Q4: till Feb 28
  • FY2015 Q1: March01 - May 31

I haven't assigned any tickets to them yet. I wasn't sure if tickets are assigned to quarters by their filing date or by their date of reimbursement..

Seems fixed for now, so closing it. If need be, we could re-open.

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