#107 APPROVED: Accommodation for Fedora Ambassadors during FOSSASIA
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We have several Fedora Ambassadors, who plan to attend [http://fossasia.org FOSSASASIA 2014] in Phnom Penh from Feb. 28 - March 2. With arrival one night before the event we will need 4 nights of accommodation. Oversea participants from Europe, America etc. would need on more night covered. We are expecting the cost of 20 USD/night. There are 6 ambassadors, who have signed up to participate. One ambassador from Europe. The budget request for accommodation is therefore 500 USD.

||= Item =||= Cost =||= Notes
|| Accommodation Asian Participants for 4 nights || 400 USD || 20 USD per person per night, 4 nights, 5 ambassadors
|| Accommodation for EU participant || 100 USD || 20 USD per night for 5 nights
|| Total || 500 USD


This ticket is tentatively approved. We'll just wait a few more days until the submission deadline for any other ambassadors that might decide to attend the event. I just sent out another reminder today.

Thanks, [[BR]]
Warm regards, [[BR]]

Uditha has applied too. Please see ticket #111.

There are two more people attending FOSSASIA. Funding for flight tickets has been approved already. So we need to calculate two people ~20USD more for 4 nights.

I added the hotel receipts. Break down:

7 Fedora Contributors x 4 nights x 20 USD = 560 USD[[BR]]

1 Fedora Contributor x 5 nights x 20 USD = 100 USD[[BR]]

Total: 660 USD

Paypal Account: mb@mariobehling.de

Was great to get everyone together!

It's ready-for-reimbursement now. Thanks Mario.

P.S. next times, you should use smaller files (PDF format?)

hi, paypal account in readable form:


seems like paypal having trouble sending payment for this one .. will process this one later..

Hi Mario,

I have just transferred USD660 to your account for the reimbursement of this ticket.

Thanks and Regards.

Hi izhar,

yes, I received it.

Thank you!

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