#102 APPROVED: Fedora 20 Release Party and Event For December 2013
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I am organizing a Fedora 20 Release Party and Event For December 2013

The budget should be included:

Media: $350
Travel: $50
Snacks: $50
Total: $450


Hi there,

This ticket was discussed in the APAC meeting on December 21 2013 and approved. Please have a great release event.


Please do update the wiki page with links to the event reports and photos. Please do also provide the links here. These are necessary for reimbursement.

Please upload receipts of all expenses in readable pdf files to make it easy for Jeorg to go through them and file them. If they're not in English, and English translation would be required.

Thanks, [[BR]]
Warm regards, [[BR]]
On behalf of the APAC Ambassador team, [[BR]]

Since this event is long over and it's been 9 months since approval, can this ticket be marked as closed?

Since there don't appear to be any updates on this ticket, let's close it for now.

If needed, we could open it later.

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