#100 APPROVED: Budget For Release Party Fedora 20 - Shanghai, China
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The Fedora folks in Shanghai are planning a Fedora 20 release party. It will be jointly organized with Shanghai LUG (SHLUG). The wiki link is at ​​​https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F20_Shanghai . Since we currently do not have an ambassador in Shanghai, I (alick) will help take care of the budget request and reimbursement.

||= Description =||= Quantity =||= Amount =||
|| Live DVD || 50 || CNY 225 = USD 36.95 ||
|| Badge || 5 || CNY 20 = USD 3.28 ||
|| Sticker || 20 || CNY 20 = USD 3.28 ||
|| Food & Drinks || || CNY 300 = USD 48.93 ||
|| TOTAL || || CNY 565 = USD 92.44 ||

Hi we just got the info that the venue needs fee for its coordination people. So the budget has been adjusted as follows:

||= Description =||= Quantity =||= Amount =||
|| Live DVD || 40 || CNY 180 = USD 29.52 ||
|| Badge || 5 || CNY 20 = USD 3.28 ||
|| Sticker || 20 || CNY 20 = USD 3.28 ||
|| Food & Drinks || || CNY 250 = USD 41 ||
|| space renting || || CNY 150 = USD 24.6 ||
|| TOTAL || || CNY 620 = USD 101.68 ||

+1 from me. 100$ for a release event is OK. Tuan will have a look at this and hopefully approve it ASAP.

Thank you for hosting a Fedora release event. We look forward to photos and event reports. Please note that if (when) this ticket is approved, you will be reimbursed only after these reports have been put up and you've attached readable copies of the receipts in pdf format to this ticket. Please try to provide receipts in English, or an English translation if this isn't possible.


I am just not sure why the event organizers did not open or (at least) follow this request.
Do they recognize that it exists?

Please call he/she to attend this week meeting. Thanks.

hello,I am organizer.

If you need extra info, Please let me know.

Hi there,

This ticket was discussed in the APAC meeting on December 21 2013 and approved. Please have a great release event.


Please do update the wiki page with links to the event reports and photos. Please do also provide the links here. These are necessary for reimbursement.

Please upload receipts of all expenses in readable pdf files to make it easy for Jeorg to go through them and file them. If they're not in English, and English translation would be required.

Amount approved: $100.

Thanks, [[BR]]
Warm regards, [[BR]]
On behalf of the APAC Ambassador team, [[BR]]

Modifying amount approved $102.

The Attachment is receipts.[[BR]]
The The conference service fee(会议服务费,CNY 200, The comunity just support CNY 150)[[BR]]
Because I haven't Paypal Account, so '''Alick Zhao''' will receive it for me.


I can see that each receipt has some money attached:

Is it 130 + 200 + 245 = 575 in total?

Can you please oanda.com and convert this into USD? Some summaries in English will be helpful too. Can you also please provide your (or alick's) paypal account information in "someone AT something DOT com" format?

Once everything is above board, I'll add the "ready-for-reimbursement" key word to the ticket.

Warm regards,

My paypal account is alick9188 AT gmail DOT com.

Alick Zhao

Sorry, I did not say clearly.

It is 245 + 150 (part of 200) + 150 = 545 CNY = 89.3157 USD

The paypal account is alick9188 AT gmail DOT com. (Provided by Alick Zhao)

Great. Thanks for the update. Joerg will handle the ticket whenever he has cycles.

I don't know this ticket's status. Is there some problem in reimbursement?

USD89.4 have just been transfered to Alick Zhao Tao's paypal account. Closing this ticket.

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