#3869 Incomplete group list
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When we list the members of certain unix groups, we see on some nodes not the
complete list. If I add or remove members has no effect
To purge the cache with "sss_cache -E" has no effect.
The only workaround is to remove the cache files and restart sssd. Afterwards
everythings works and I can add add and remove members again.

When I log into a node with a broken cache I see lines like this in the log:
[sssd[be[LDAP]]] [sysdb_set_cache_entry_attr] (0x0080): ldb_modify failed: No such object[ldb_wait from ldb_modify with LDB_WAIT_ALL: No such object (32)]
[sssd[be[LDAP]]] [sysdb_set_entry_attr] (0x0080): Cannot set ts attrs for name=twhite@ldap,cn=users,cn=LDAP,cn=sysdb

If I remove manually one of the missing user record with
ldbdel -H /var/lib/sss/db/cache_LDAP.ldb "name=foo@ldap,cn=users,cn=LDAP,cn=sysdb"
and then run "sss_cache -E". I get "foo" in the list afterwards

Centos 7.5

The message is unrelated, it's just an optimalization technique (note the _ts_cache in the debug message).

Can you add the complete debug logs?

Ok I had the impression that the ldb_modfied failed only appears on the nodes with the broken


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