#32 Log auth failures in syslog
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by simo.

We need to capture auth problem in /var/log/secure so that admins have a clue about why auth is failing.

Long term, might get fixed easily when we integrate ELAPI

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Moving to bugfix-only development until after 0.5.0. Lowering priority.

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fixed with 697733a

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I am not seeing auth failures in /var/log/messages?

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We are going to handle this differently in the short-term.

For right now, we will add an option to write debug information to debug logs (specifiable in the sssd.conf).

Sorry, but this will change your tests.

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I think we have a double misunderstanding here. jgalipea was looking for messages from pam_sss in /var/log/messages, but they appear in /var/log/secure, because pam_sss logs with LOG_AUTHPRIV. This bug is not related to the debug information written by the sssd components.

Ah, my mistake. I misunderstood.

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Jenny, you need to parse /var/log/secure for these messages instead of /var/log/messages.

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adding check for authentication failure messages in /var/log/secure for permission denied automated authentication tests.

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5 years ago

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