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Table of Contents

  1. MSG (Mac Subsystem for Guix)
    1. Description
  2. !!!!Currently only compatible with M1/M2 Macs
    1. README (WIP)

MSG (Mac Subsystem for Guix)


MSG is an attempt to create a native-like experience for GUIX on MacOS, using methods inspired by others like Podman/Docker/Lima.

!!!!Currently only compatible with M1/M2 Macs


REQUIREMENTS - xquartz (if you want to run graphical applications) - You also must go to Xquartz->Settings->Security->Enable 'Allow connections from network clients' - Add the following to your shellrc file (~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc, etc)

alias guix="ssh -i $HOME/.guix/ssh-cert/msg_rsa admin@msg.local 'guix'"
alias guix-shell"ssh -i $HOME/.guix/ssh-cert/msg_rsa admin@msg.local"
alias guix-env='f(){ ssh -i $HOME/.guix/ssh-cert/msg_rsa admin@msg.local  /home/admin/.guix-profile /bin/$@;  unset -f f; }; f'
alias guix-app='f(){ ssh -X -i $HOME/.guix/ssh-cert/msg_rsa admin@msg.local  /home/admin/.guix-profile/bin/$@;  unset -f f; }; f'

INSTRUCTIONS - Drag the file into your Applications directory and run!

Available Commands (after adding bashrc/zshrc options)

  • guix : A straight passthrough to the guix application
  • guix-shell: Connect to the vm over ssh
  • guix-env : Can be used to pass cli commands interactively
  • guix-app : Used to passthrough X11 applications from the vm to macos using xquartz

If you would like to discuss or ask questions, join us on our Discord!