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A python script to get ticket data to help follow the progress of newcomers
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A python script to help the members of Fedora-join community to administer the progress of newcomers


Edit myconfig.cfg to hold your FAS username and your FAS password in the right places.


Make sure you have the following packages, if not install them with the given commands

  • python-fedora
    yum install python-fedora
  • requests
    pip install requests
  • configparser
    `pip install configparser


After cloning run the following command in the terminal :

Change the file name of myconfig.cfg.example to myconfig.cfg and fill it with relevant details namely your FAS user ID and FAS password

You will then be asked 2 questions:

  • Do you want to view the last time the newcomer has logged in (slows the program down) ?(y/n)
    type y for yes and n for no. This feature slows down the programme as it has to ping the API for every ticket.

  • Enter the number of days for which you would like to check new comer's activity:
    type in the number of days to check the activity of every new comer in that given time period.


The script's output is as follows:

  • New comer's user ID
  • Last time the user logged in using FAS (if asked for)
  • Date and time when ticket was opened
  • Link to the issue
  • Date and time when the user last updated the ticket
  • progress check (if any)
  • report file in the same directory (if asked for)
    • Number of new comers in queue
    • Number of successfully joined newcomers
    • Number of unsuccessful joined newcomers
    • User ID, Progress Check, Interests (for each ticket where newcomer has declared his/her interests)