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Deploy Python flask Application using OpenShift (MiniShift)
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Deploy Python flask Application using OpenShift (MiniShift)

Simple Web Application

This is a simple web application using Python Flask and MySQL database. This is used in the demonstration of development of Ansible Playbooks.

Below are the steps required to get this working on a base linux system.

  • Install all required dependencies
  • Install and Configure Web Server
  • Start Web Server

1. Install all required dependencies

Python and its dependencies 'apt-get install -y python python-setuptools python-dev build-essential python-pip python-mysqldb'

2. Install and Configure Web Server

Install Python Flask dependency

pip install flask pip install flask-mysql - Copy or download it from source repository - Configure database credentials and parameters

3. Start Web Server

Start web server flask run --host=

4. Test

Open a browser and go to URL

http://<IP>:5000 => Welcome http://<IP>:5000/how%20are%20you => I am good, how about you?