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Fedora Code of Conduct Reporting
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This repository is the reporting point for incident reports related to the Fedora Code of Conduct. Reports should be submitted as a private issue and include all details appropriate for the incident.

The report will be shared with the Fedora Project Leader, the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator and Red Hat Legal team members as needed. System administrators maintaining this system do not access this data as part of their routine work.

While we are working on your report we may follow up with questions if we have any. We will at some point close the ticket. This does not mean we have finished working on all of the outcome and processes related to your report, only that we are acknowledging to you that we have sufficient information from you. As a matter of policy, we do not ask for suggested outcomes nor report actions taken.

If you have questions about the Fedora Code of Conduct or wish to propose changes, please open a public ticket in the Fedora Council Repository.