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An IoT application which dynamically convert iamges to brallie.
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Problem Statement

Ever wondered how many books are there ? According to the Google's Advanced Algorithms, there are nearly 130 Million of Books, 129,864,880 Books to be Exact. With only a tiny proportion of books published available in braille – well under 1% – the world's literature was not so much offered as dangled in front of us. With over 37 million people all over the world are blind. And it has become pratically impossible to convert all those books to braille for such a huge number of audience.


Our prototype is desinged to implement real time Braille so that they can dynamically read any text. Not only printed , they will be able to read hand written text too. We also have targeted the people who are both blind and deaf by implementing real time braille from speech. In addition to this we have incorporated a feature of enabling them to know the emotion of speech by analyzing the frequency of tone. They will also be able to read pdfs as well.

How we have implemented ?

We have made an Android App that features the conversion of Text and Speech to brallie which is a wearable. The person can use our app and point his/her camera at some text or voice to be converted into braille feedbacks sent to wearable. Also, in the website implementation, any pdf can be encoded into our device friendly text to be streamed to the blind person in the form of braille. The device mimics the raised and non-raised dots that the braille language uses. This makes all books accessible to blind and blind-deaf. Also we are trying to implement a 'knock' interface for people who are both blind and deaf to aid them with the interface.