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An example that uses Ambassade to show Ambassade's features.  |
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Login frontend for users.

Since this repository is part of an example, cloning this project is not that useful without the rest of the example packages. See the example folder for the complete example.

This is an example Ambassade package used as demonstration for Ambassade's capabilities.


run ambassade run from the project root. Visit http://localhost:1234 in your browser to use the frontend.

Cross-Origin Policy

Because this example was made in very little time, the Cross-Origin policy block hasn't been fixed. Therefore, you have to disable CORS on modern browsers:


From a UNIX terminal:

chrome-browser --disable-web-security --user-data-dir="" # for chrome users
chromium-browser --disable-web-securiy --user-data-dir="" # for chromium users


  1. Run Firefox.
  2. Go to about:config in your browser.
  3. Search for security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy.
  4. Set it's value to false.

NOTE: Do not forget to revert the changes when you are done with the example.