=== yum-langpacks ===

This plugin add support for automatic and manual installation of langpacks.

=== How it works ===

yum group metadata specifies which packages have language packs. This plugin
reads that metadata, and for any configured or currently running language,
installs those language packs for any packages that are being installed (and
removes them if that package is being removed.)

General usage for end users is like this:
1) Use langavailable command to see if required language support is available.
2) If found, use langinfo command with the input, language name or language code
   from above step to query what translation packages it provides.
3) If you want to install this language then use langinstall command.

Note: The langinstall command only install translation packages for which its 
core package is already installed. 

=== Additional commands ===

If you'd like to add support for a language post-install, then you can run:
	yum langinstall [language] [another language] ...
to install any relevant language packs for that language.

To remove installed language packs, run:
	yum langremove [language] [another language] ...

To list what language packs are already installed on your system, run:
	yum langlist

To list the packages available for any language packs, run:
        yum langinfo [language] [another language] ...

To check if the language pack is available for any language, run:
        yum langavailable [language] [another language] ...