#103 manifest: add slirp4netns
Closed 2 years ago by dustymabe. Opened 2 years ago by vrutkovs.
vrutkovs/workstation-ostree-config f29-slirp4netns  into  f29

@@ -189,6 +189,7 @@ 




+         "slirp4netns",




This package is required for network to function with podman, otherwise
--net=host is required

I feel like this should be pulled in as a dependency of something else

Perhaps podman RPM should pull it in?

Perhaps podman RPM should pull it in?

that would make sense, unless there is some good reason not to.

cc @gscrivano

It is used only by rootless containers to setup the network, containers that are created by root don't need it. Podman still only "recommends" it but it is not a hard dependency yet as rootless containers are still quite experimental.

In any case, I am in favor of adding it as a podman dependency so that users can more easily play with it. @lsm5 do we have any reason for not doing it? :-)

I'm ok either way. @dwalsh wdyt?

It is in there as a recommends now.

Yes I think it should be installed.

@gscrivano was suggesting that we make it a dep and not juts a recommends, WDYT?

This isn't needed any more because rpm-ostree will install recommends by default but @gscrivano I would change it to be a hard dependency if it was me.

f29 still doesn't have slirp4netns because we are building from the Workstation repo and the comps group doesn't have it. I have proposed that we just start building from the Everything repo for pungi composes: https://pagure.io/pungi-fedora/pull-request/665

This happens anyway for updates builds so at worst just run rpm-ostree upgrade on the first day you install silverblue and you'll get slirp4netns.

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