#112 Drop logrotate
Opened 3 years ago by aledomu. Modified 8 months ago

I find it pointless that logrotate is bundled in the image with no logger apart from systemd, which doesn't store the logs in plain text and has its own rotation mechanism. I wonder if it's safe to drop it, so users either go along with the defaults or they have to setup the whole thing to log to text files (they have to do it anyways).

with no logger apart from systemd

Hm, we do also ship auditd by default but...it looks like that does its own rotation.

Offhand I'd be fine to drop it, though it'd be another thing we'd need to blacklist from comps, or change comps to drop it too.

AFAIK auditd doesn't rely on syslog and manages all the logging by itself. If anything it can be made to work with systemd's journal.

Sent a PR.

For comparison, on Fedora CoreOS we're currently keeping logrotate as there are still some things that are not rotated without it: https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-config/blob/ac8bb93dbc833ae27f46b24397bf64837c759dae/manifests/system-configuration.yaml#L28

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