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Manifests for rpm-ostree based Fedora desktop variants
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Manifests for Fedora Atomic Desktops variants

This is the configuration needed to create rpm-ostree based, desktop variants of Fedora, also known as Fedora Atomic Desktops.

This repo is managed by the Fedora Atomic Desktops SIG.

The currently official Fedora Atomic Desktop variants are:

  • Fedora Silverblue
  • Fedora Kinoite
  • Fedora Sway Atomic
  • Fedora Budgie Atomic

Reach out to the SIG if you are interested in creating and maintaining a new Atomic variant.

Repository content

Each variant is described in a YAML treefile which is then used by rpm-ostree to compose an ostree commit with the package requested.

In the Fedora infrastructure, composes are made via pungi with the configuration from:

Installer ISOs are built using Lorax and additional templates:


The sources for the Silverblue, Kinoite, Sway Atomic and Budgie Atomic websites are in

Issue trackers

Issues common to all Fedora Atomic Desktops are tracked in

Desktop specific issues should be filed in their respective issue trackers:


The documentation for Fedora Atomic variants is currently duplicated for each variant at Atomic Desktops.

There are plans to unify the documentation: ostree/sig#10

Documentation sources:


All commonly used commands are listed as recipes in the justfile (see Just).

Example to do a local build of Fedora Silverblue:

# Clone the config
$ git clone && cd workstation-ostree-config

# Build the classic ostree commits (currently the default in Fedora)
$ just compose-legacy variant=silverblue

# Or build the new ostree native container (not default yet, still in development)
$ just compose-image variant=silverblue


Instructions to test the resulting build for classic ostree commits:

simple-http-server --index --ip --port 8000
  • Then, on an already installed Silverblue system:
# Add an ostree remote
sudo ostree remote add testremote --no-gpg-verify

# Pin the currently deployed (and probably working) version
sudo ostree admin pin 0

# List refs from variant remote
sudo ostree remote refs testremote

# Switch to your variant
sudo rpm-ostree rebase testremote:fedora/rawhide/x86_64/silverblue

# Reboot and test!

Instructions to test the resulting build for ostree native containers:

  • Push the OCI archive to a container registry
  • Rebase to it:
$ rpm-ostree rebase ostree-unverified-image:registry:<oci image>

See URL format for ostree native containers for details.

Branching instructions for new Fedora releases

Follow those steps during the Fedora branch process in Fedora:

Fedora Ansible

Make a PR similar to ansible#1318 in fedora-infra/ansible.

On Rawhide / main branch

sed -i "s/41/42/g" *.repo
sed -i "s/releasever: 41/releasever: 42/" fedora-common-ostree.yaml
sed -i "s/# - fedora-41/# - fedora-42/" fedora-*.yaml
mv fedora-41.repo fedora-42.repo
mv fedora-41-updates.repo fedora-42-updates.repo
sed -i "s/42/42/g"
sed -i "s/41/42/g"

On the new branch (f41)

rm fedora-rawhide.repo
sed -i "/- fedora-rawhide/d" fedora-*.yaml
sed -i "s/# - fedora-41/- fedora-41/" fedora-*.yaml
sed -i "s/ref: fedora\/rawhide/ref: fedora\/41/" fedora-*.yaml

Historical references

Building and testing instructions:

For some background, see:

Note also this repo obsoletes