#326 CI/CD: Fix postmerge job commit flagging
Merged 2 years ago by rayson. Opened 2 years ago by rayson.
rayson/waiverdb cicd-fix-post-merge-flag  into  master

@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ 


  def flagCommit(status, percent, comment) {

    withPagureCreds {

-     it.flagCommit(username: 'c3i-jenkins', uid: 'ci-post-merge', status: status,

+     it.flagCommit(username: 'c3i-jenkins', uid: "ci-post-merge-${env.WAIVERDB_GIT_COMMIT.substring(0, 7)}", status: status,

        url: env.BUILD_URL, percent: percent, comment: comment, commit: env.WAIVERDB_GIT_COMMIT)



Pagure doesn't seem to allow to use the same uid for different commits.

Is this also needed in the setBuildStatusOnPagurePR function above?

Oh, never mind, I thought this is for PR status. It makes sense for uid for flagging commits to contain commit ID.


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2 years ago