#316 Add ldap to requirements
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gnaponie/waiverdb ldap-deps  into  master

@@ -176,6 +176,7 @@ 


      stage('Run unit tests') {

        steps {

+         sh 'dnf install -y gcc python-devel openldap-devel openldap libevent-devel python3-ldap'

          sh 'cp conf/settings.py.example conf/settings.py'

          // wait for the test datebase to come up

          sh 'wait-for-it -s -t 300'

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python-devel openldap-devel looks like something that pip needs to build some binaries.

Can you just use python3-ldap?

Yeah, let's use python3-ldap.
/me was trying over and over with creative ways to fix that.

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  • Add ldap to requirements
  • Restrict waiver creation based on users/groups and testcase
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It seems odd that the unit tests use PyPi for deps except for this dep.

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2 years ago

I'm making some tests on that... since the CI fails. No review is needed at the moment...
Suggestions are welcome.

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  • Bare commit to trigger CI
2 years ago

Isn't it enough to do git commit --amend --no-edit && git push -f to trigger the CI build?

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Looks like CI uses the Jenkinsfile from master branch (WAIVERDB_MAIN_BRANCH OpenShift template parameter). From file "openshift/pipelines/templates/waiverdb-build-template.yaml":

  displayName: Name of the main branch.
  description: If WAIVERDB_MAIN_BRANCH equals WAIVERDB_GIT_REF, this is a post-merge build, otherwise it's a pre-merge build.
  value: master

This doesn't make much sense. For PR (pre-merge build) this should use the new Jenkinsfile, otherwise the master branch can break after PR is merged.

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2 years ago

@rayson Can you provide some help here? I'm not able to make the pre-merge run correctly even if I think I've put all the dependencies.

I tried to fix using the Jenkinsfile from PR instead of master in #317 and #318, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to specify refspec parameter (+refs/pull/*/head:refs/remotes/origin/pr/*) for Jenkins in OpenShift template to make it possible to fetch the PR branch.

How about moving the code from Jenkinsfile that is expected to change in future to scripts? This could make it also bit clearer.

Looks like you just have to update the test dependencies in "openshift/containers/jenkins-slave/Dockerfile" (#319), commit changes to a branch (e.g. "update-jenkins-slave") and rebuild with:

oc start-build --from-repo=. --commit=update-jenkins-slave waiverdb-premerge-jenkins-slave

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