#68 specify the dependencies in setup.py
Opened 3 years ago by mjia. Modified 3 years ago

We should specify the dependencies in setup.py so that all the dependencies can be installed by pip during an install.

Don't we already have them listed in requirements.txt (as well as in the spec file)? Do you mean there are some dependencies missing/incorrectly declared?

Yes, we have them listed in both two places. But if I run pip install waiverdb, these dependencies are not installed by pip. This is a problem when running the functional tests of Greenwave locally, as Greenwave does not require flask-sqlalchemy, etc. We can use install_requires to sepcify what the minimum requirements are for waiverdb in setup.py.

I think we are just missing the usual magic which populates install_requires in setup.py by reading in requirements.txt.

Right, but we only need some of the packages in requirements.txt, not all of them. Because we do not need the packages for the tests and the docs. It might be worth using a different file for tracking these packages.

I think the convention is to put those into dev_requirements.txt ... although this random issue against Travis suggests that requirements-dev.txt is more common? Sigh. Just give me my RPMs so I don't have to mess around with this pip nonsense :-P

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