#109 EPEL 7 is missing -cli tool
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I had filed:


before seeing Ralph's request to file here

The CLI tool seems to be missing at the indicated package
level on EPEL 7 [1]

[herrold@centos-7 waiverdb]$ rpm -q waiverdb ; rpm -V waiverdb \
; which waiverdb-cli ; sudo yum -q provides *bin/waiverdb-cli
/usr/bin/which: no waiverdb-cli in
[herrold@centos-7 waiverdb]$

Since then, I see this:

Dan Callaghan 2018-01-24 06:44:03 EST

During waiverdb development we stopped supporting EPEL7 so that we could use all the nice features in Fedora. That's why the most recent EPEL7 version is 0.3.1 right now (compared to the current 0.5.0).

I think we should separate the CLI from the server side, then we can support a wider set of platforms for the CLI (including EPEL7) while targetting on the latest and greatest Fedora stuff for the server side.


sounds fine with me, save the need to be able to push 'opt out' transactions out to Fedoraproject ABI ... mess ...

I have not tried yet to 'frontport' on EPEL to current. Is it that much of a problem to do?

I have not tried yet to 'frontport' on EPEL to current. Is it that much of a problem to do?

The specific problem is that EPEL7 has Flask 0.10 and the Waiverdb (server side) is relying on Flask 0.11 features, in particular the flask.cli module.

However that doesn't affect the Waiverdb CLI.

Actually, now that we are running the tests in Jenkins and not in the RPM build, the current Waiverdb spec builds fine on EPEL7 as is. The server won't work, but the CLI does.

I will put the EPEL7 mock build step back into our Jenkinsfile, and file a Bodhi update to bring the latest Waiverdb to EPEL7.

The only downside is that Jenkins is running our test suite on Fedora (26 currently, being the oldest supported release and our deployment target). The regression tests won't normally be exercised on EPEL7 anymore. So I can't promise this won't regress in future... :grimacing:

Oh I forgot we had already posted a Bodhi update for waiverdb 0.5.0 in EPEL7 which also has a working CLI. I just obsoleted that with 0.9: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/waiverdb-0.9.0-1.el7

Either way, the CLI is available from updates-testing now.

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