#9 String concatenation with defined symbols fools gettext
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by goeran.

The file lib/kmip.c contains constructions such as
("Unsupported enum value %" G_GUINT32_FORMAT)
("Unsupported symmetric key format %" G_GUINT32_FORMAT)
When xgettext sees this, it can't figure out what G_GUINT32_FORMAT will become at compile time. The string extracted to the pot file is only the literal string
"Unsupported enum value %"
And this is what a translator can translate.

At run time, however, the string that is looked up does of course include a format directive. That string will never exist in the translation catalog. So the net effect is the string will never appear translated when used.

Thanks for your report.

Fixed in volume_key-0.3.7.

Great, thanks! Now I'll fix the Swedish translation.

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2 years ago

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