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9 groups
Fedora Badges Team
Contributors working on the Fedora Badges stack (design, development, documentation)
all the awesome Fedora design ninjas
The sysadmins group in FAS synced over here
Fedora Council
Fedora's Governance and Leadership body
Fedora Mindshare Committee
Members of the Fedora Mindshare Committee – https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare-committee/
Fedora Ambassadors of North America (NA)
Pagure group for the Fedora Ambassadors of North America and their repositories
Fedora Ambassadors of North America - Region leadership
Group for treasurer(s), logistician(s), storyteller(s), and other North American Ambassadors for viewing private tickets
Fedora Ambassadors EMEA
Pagure group for Fedora Ambassadors of Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Fedora Diversity Team
The Fedora Diversity team helps promote an inclusive community within Fedora and helps target specific needs and goals for improving diversification with the project