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16 groups
Respins SIG
Fedora Live Respins SIG
Fedora Engineering Steering Comittee
members of the current FESCo
Fedora Rust
Random stuff which was produced/maintained by Fedora Rust SIG
Fedora Workstation WG
WG members -
Fedora's Go(lang) special interest group
pkgconf toolsuite
Good package management for macOS
Fedora KDE
Fedora KDE Special Interest Group
Fedora Btrfs
Btrfs support in Fedora
Fedora Matrix
Matrix related effort in Fedora
CentOS Hyperscale SIG
GNU Hurd
GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel
Simple Open Solutions SIG
SIG for promoting simple, open source solutions for solving problems
Fedora Lumina
Fedora Lumina Special Interest Group
Fedora Source-git SIG
SIG for the modern downstream maintenance workflow for Fedora Linux
Fedora Asahi
Fedora effort to support Asahi platform for Apple ARM Macs