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7 groups
Fedora Join
The Fedora Join SIG
Fedora TeleIRC SIG
Special Interest Group for volunteer sysadmins managing TeleIRC bridges between Fedora Freenode IRC channels and Telegram groups.
Fedora Badges Team
Contributors working on the Fedora Badges stack (design, development, documentation)
Fedora Pakistan
Fedora Pakistan is where you can find all the information about Fedora Pakistan Projects and Fedora Contributors in Pakistan.
i3 SIG base group with the objective of create a Fedora i3 Spin, a spin with i3wm as main GUI
Fedora DEI Team Pagure Admins
Administrator team for Fedora DEI Team repositories on Group membership grants FULL rights to all repositories.
Fedora Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team
The Fedora Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Team promotes inclusive community values in the Fedora Community and targets specific needs and goals for improving diversity in the community.