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Google Summer of Code 2016
Group for all participants, mentors, and administrators of Google Summer of Code 2016
Fedora Marketing Team
The Fedora Marketing Team ensures that people in Fedora can consistently explain to everyone what Fedora is, why the project can help them, and how they can help the project
Fedora Magazine
Members, contributors, and designers of the Fedora Magazine team
Free/Open Source Software at RIT
Students, professors, faculty, and others interested in Free and Open Source Software at the Rochester Institute of Technology
Fedora Join
The Fedora Join SIG
Fedora Ambassadors
Pagure group for the Fedora Ambassadors
Fedora Ambassadors of North America (NA)
Pagure group for the Fedora Ambassadors of North America and their repositories
Fedora Ambassadors EMEA
Pagure group for Fedora Ambassadors of Europe, Middle East, and Africa
/r/Fedora Reddit Team
Moderators and other contributors to /r/Fedora on Reddit
RITlug TigerOS Team
Members of the RIT Linux Users Group TigerOS project (https://ritlug.com/tigeros)
Fedora TeleIRC SIG
Special Interest Group for volunteer sysadmins managing TeleIRC bridges between Fedora Freenode IRC channels and Telegram groups.
Fedora Community Operations (CommOps)
Community Operations (CommOps) provides tools, resources, and utilities for different sub-projects of Fedora to improve effective communication
Fedora Badges Team
Contributors working on the Fedora Badges stack (design, development, documentation)
Fedora Quick Docs committer group
Trusted committer group for Fedora Quick Docs documentation. Membership grants commit access to pagure.io/fedora-docs/quick-docs
Fedora Happiness Packets - core developers
Membership of this group grants commit access to the Fedora Happiness Packets project
Fedora Happiness Packets - administrators
Membership of this group grants full admin access to the Fedora Happiness Packets project
The sysadmins group in FAS synced over here
i3 SIG base group with the objective of create a Fedora i3 Spin, a spin with i3wm as main GUI
Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team
The Fedora Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Team promotes inclusive community values in the Fedora Community and targets specific needs and goals for improving diversity in the Community
Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Pagure Admins
Administrator team for Fedora D&I Team repositories on pagure.io. Group membership grants FULL rights to all repositories.
Fedora Websites & Apps Community
Interested Fedora community members who maintain and work on websites and applications in Fedora Infrastructure. Grants commit access to all Websites & Apps repositories.
DEPRECATED. This namespace is marked for permanent deletion.