#2 Reword remove-module help and --tag option help text
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@@ -150,14 +150,17 @@ 

      remove_module_parser = subparser.add_parser(


          parents=[global_args_parser, module_config_parser],

-         help="remove a module from tag config file tag, and remove the "

-              "tags of that module from koji tag inheritance")

+         help="remove a module config from a tag and also remove that module's "

+              "koji_tag if it inherits from that tag.")

      remove_module_parser.set_defaults(_class=RemoveModuleHandler, func='run')





-         help="koji tag we operate against (required)")

+         help="a tag name (required). Specified module config will be removed "

+              "if tag presents in tag config file and has the module config. "

+              "The module's koji_tag will also be removed from tag inheritance "

+              "if it inherits from this tag.")



          action='store_true', default=False,

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