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Overview and trends for language translations across releases

Transtats web interface helps make packages ready to ship with translation completeness. It seems meaningful to localization teams, package maintainers, developers and quality engineers.

Use Cases
  • Tracking translation progress across packages for product releases with respect to their current development.
  • Finding translation gaps by syncing with source repositories, translation platforms and build systems. To find out:
    • Is everything translated, packaged and built?
    • Which packages are out-of-sync and for which language(s)?
    • Are all strings pushed to translation platform latest to source repositories?
  • At-a-glance picture for managing the localization effort progress, release by release. And it's readiness.

To learn about using Transtats, please point your browser to docs.

Quick Start

Get docker daemon running. Pull transtats image (from and get started.

  • Pull the image (or build your own) shell $ sudo docker pull

  • Run the image shell $ sudo docker run -d --name container_name -p 8080:8015 transtats/transtats

  • Application should be accessible at localhost:8080.

Get Involved


Apache License, Version 2.0