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Scripts and tools of daily use and other stuff developed by me
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This is a little repository with some tools that I use in a daily basis. It will be growing with the time, while I will be adding and updating the tools.

Right now there are some bash scripts, also some python tools and my configuration files, like my vimrc and zshrc.

Using config files


For the vimrc file you can do 2 things: - Copy the file into ~/.vimrc

cp vimrc ~/.vimrc

  • Use the -u directive with vim

vim -u vimrc FileToOpen


This zshrc is to use it with oh my zsh! and the instruction is just to copy it into .zshrc:

cp zshrc ~/.zshrc

This one has my preferences:

  • Plugins
    • git
    • history
    • python
    • colorize
    • dnf
  • Theme
  • Daily update of oh my zsh!


For i3wm, there is a right way to accomplish the tap-to-click that consist in declare the touchpad to the xserver.

The code is in the file 90-touchpad.conf and you just need to copy that to the right location:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d sudo cp 90-touchpad.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d