#82 toolbox does not work with flatpak version of tilix
Closed a year ago by sramkrishna. Opened a year ago by sramkrishna.

It seems that the flatpak version of tilix does not work with toolbox. I havent quite figured out why yet. Toolbox gives an error about containers not migrated when trying to enter a container. I'm not sure if other people are seeing this, but would like confirmation that others are seeing this as well.

Hi @sramkrishna! What exactly you see? Also I expect that the flatpak version of Tilix won't work as it will try to exec the command in the flatpak and not on the host. Also this issue tracker is deprecated and you should use https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues.

Oh! I'm sorry, let me close it here and I'll move my issue there with your response.

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