#71 What is use of "Language Support" option in Anaconda?
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I like to know the use of option "Language Support" presented in anaconda. If we use the same for Feodra 30 netinstall, I can get additional packages installed but I think with Silverblue installation we cannot get additional packages.

Silverblue ships will all languages right now. Anaconda knows how to read the supported ones from the OSTree, so it should only be presenting locales which are actually present. Is that not what you are observing?

sorry I missed your reply.

I have been using "Language Support" to get respective langpacks-<langcode> packages installed during anaconda installation. This currently works fine if we install Fedora Workstation using netinstall method which also offers "Language Support" but same is not available on Live iso, hence not possible to get langpacks auto-installed. I guess then same for OSTree here. Its not coming with pre-packaged langpacks-<langcode> meta-package?

@pnemade - I don't know if this answers your question but in F29 Silverblue this is what I see in the base ostree:

[dustymabe@hattop ~]$ rpm-ostree db list 9d45a122c91deb47cb7b0a35aa8434170bb3720cb0a32cb4690828b4dbb8c1dc | grep langpack

I have still not got answer for my query. Tested F32 RC-1.3 Silverblue image. I choose 3 different languages as an additional language support. I don't know after selecting them what package selection got changed. If no change in package selection then my question still remain same. Why to even offer end user that option?

anyways I am closing this issue and may come back with fresh request after some time. Thanks for replies here.

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No additional packages are installed since we ship all languages already. IIRC, the desired behaviour after setting the language is to change the language of the installer UI itself, as well as set the default language on the installed system.

To clarify, I think Parag is talking about adding additional languages from within anaconda, which I believe is not supported for Live or current Silverblue installs.

We do ship all locales in Silverblue, but not all language related packages for size reasons.


Yes, I am talking about adding additional languages. See this image where you can see I already chose "Hindi" language and then this next anaconda screen comes which gives options to end users to add additional language support. From image you can see I chose 3 different languages. But how is this connected with Silverblue OS installation? I have not seen any packages related to those languages getting installed on the system. Hence, my question, how can adding additional language support helps end user?

@jkonecny might know what's going on. Do you know Jirko, whether Anaconda is doing some additional rpm-ostree install calls to install the additional languages?

Hello everyone,

No, we are not calling rpm-ostree install anywhere and I'm not sure if that would be wise solution to do that for local installation.

Based on my investigation the issue here is valid. It seems that the value from the language support spoke does not have any effect at all. Could someone please file a bug and we will remove this spoke from the products?

BTW Silverblue copy the same spokes and settings as Workstation Live so it should be solved by fixing one for both. And yes, there is no need to have this even for Workstation Live.

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