#56 Heads up on 4.19 kernel Docker build issue
Closed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by znmeb.

There's apparently an issue in the 4.19 kernel that's crashing some Docker builds. The details are at https://github.com/docker/for-linux/issues/480. If you don't already have a test for this, you might want to add one.

thanks for the heads up @znmeb - unfortunately we don't have any automated testing for silverblue but we do for atomic host. It looks like from the upstream issue you were having an issue with buildah bud too? Have you been able to reproduce this on Fedora?

On fedora kernels docker should not face this issue as we don't have metacopy enabled by default. A user will see this issue only if user chose to enable metacopy feature explicitly either during module load time or during mount time.

So existing users upgrading to fedora 4.19 kernel should not run into this issue (docker does not enable metacopy feature at its own yet).

thanks @vgoyal - going to close this out since we shouldn't face this issue.

thanks @znmeb for reporting

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