#48 Todoist backend is missing from GNOME Online Accounts
Closed a year ago by tpopela. Opened 2 years ago by alex285.

GNOME Todo is a core GNOME app that we can get from Flathub. One of the core features of Todo (even if a plugin really) is the Todoist integration

When we try to setup a Todoist account from Todo, we cannot, because Todoist is missing from GOA

It's disabled by default upstream.

And explicitly overridden to disabled here:


@rishi, can you look at this please? I presume it's disabled for a reason.

Why does Fedora use explicit configure args to change the upstream defaults? Doesn't that imply the upstream defaults are bad? It'd be desirable to remove the configure args from the Fedora spec.

Closing per Rishi's comment.

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