#24 `upgrade` is slow, but `(un)install` updates fine
Closed 3 months ago by tpopela. Opened 2 years ago by zyklon.

Host system details

atomic host status
State: idle; auto updates disabled
● ostree://fedora-workstation:fedora/28/x86_64/workstation
                   Version: 28.20180727.0 (2018-07-27 15:26:45)
                BaseCommit: aef0eadd1b9aa0a2f51b74a9dd56aca55ec7eaefacd694ec431ef9eee9c30490
              GPGSignature: Valid signature by 128CF232A9371991C8A65695E08E7E629DB62FB1
           LayeredPackages: adapta-gtk-theme adobe-source-code-pro-fonts
                            adobe-source-sans-pro-fonts adobe-source-serif-pro-fonts
                            android-tools chrome-gnome-shell chromium cockpit dconf-editor
                            dnf easytag exa exfat-utils fd-find ffmpeg ffmpeg-libs gcolor2
                            git glances gnome-encfs-manager gnome-tweaks gnome-usage gpick
                            hack-fonts htop iftop julia linux-libertine-biolinum-fonts
                            linux-libertine-fonts mosh mozilla-fira-mono-fonts
                            mozilla-fira-sans-fonts neovim powerline-go pv pygobject3
                            python3-matplotlib ripgrep setroubleshoot task tilix
                            tilix-nautilus tmux tokei youtube-dl zsh
             LocalPackages: rpmfusion-free-release-28-1.noarch

Expected vs actual behavior

When I run atomic host upgrade, it downloads “metadate objects” at speeds of ~10…40 kB/s and “estimates” for like forever. But when I in contrast run an (un)install command, the system also gets updated without any speed issue.

[Copied from https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/1476#issuecomment-408715096]

But when I in contrast run an (un)install command, the system also gets updated without any speed issue.

Hmm, are you sure the system is actually getting updated? The install/uninstall commands do not download newer OSTrees. (If they do, that's a bug!)

They're likely to be faster than upgrade becauseuninstall operates completely offline, while install only downloads rpmmd if the cache is old.

Doesn’t rpm-ostree need to update itself, to get the newest version of the requested package?

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I wanted to layer gnome-encfs-manager and the thing I was surprised about, is that some packages got deleted – what for me means, that this must have been part of a system update. Should’ve keeped the logs…

upgrade pulls OSTree commits from the ostree server (currently a single one, somewhere in US west coast IIRC) while install uses RPM mirrors to fetch RPMs.

Mirroring ostree content on Fedora mirrors would significantly improve the ostree pull speeds

Any update on potentially getting anyone else to mirror the OStree content?

I'm closing this issue - if the problem persists, please open a bug report in https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues.

Metadata Update from @tpopela:
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

3 months ago

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