#19 Make gnome-software show editors picks and popular apps
Opened 2 years ago by mclasen. Modified 2 years ago

I am running Silverblue, and GNOME Software is not showing these lists of applications to me.
I think we are probably missing the plugin that usually provides this data.

I believe this comes from fedora-popular.xml file which is provided by appstream-data package.

On a related note. I'm not sure of what the Team Silverblue's plan for preferred mechanism for installing software on Silverblue is but my vision for my own atomic workstation is to have (almost) everything containerized. So in that scheme of things it would make sense for Silverblue to have Flatpack version of software as "Editors Pick".

Maybe I should discuss my use case in detail on the Discourse for Team Silverblue rather than leaving a fly-by comment on issues.

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