#16 Confusing grub menu
Opened a year ago by mclasen. Modified 4 months ago

With package layering, we end up with two identical items in the grub boot menu, which is confusing.

This is tracked in https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/1239

Update from the meeting on March 19: Jakub and Allan are going to do a design review of the boot UX soon (with the grub package maintainers), and will take this issue into account when doing so.

I'm seeing duplicate menu entries still, which I think is the result of the bootloaderspec change in GRUB, so GRUB via blscfg.mod can now read the /boot/loader/entries/*conf files directly, and GRUB merges them with the ones in grub.cfg proper which get there by /etc/grub.d/??_ostree (I'm guessing based on memory). Anyway, I expect CoreOS is going to solve this and then Silverblue will be rebased on CoreOS.

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