This is an umbrella project for all projects involved in the Taskotron framework. There's no actual code, just this README and general tickets related to the project as a whole. Please file here all feature requests and problems related to the whole project (and not just a subproject, like a particular task, libtaskotron, ResultsDB, etc), and infrastructure-related issues.

Fedora instance

You can see Taskotron deployed for Fedora at:

That page also links to documentation, wiki and other sources.


Taskotron consists of many components which are listed at:

Projects starting with task- prefix are tasks that get executed in Taskotron (not a complete list, many tasks are hosted elsewhere). There are some example tasks available in task-examples.


If you're trying to deploy Taskotron, you might find some helpful instructions in the Fedora infra docs.


Please direct questions and comments to either #fedora-qa IRC channel on freenode or the qa-devel mailing list.