An upgrade path check.

Upgradepath is a constraint that ensures the ability to upgrade from distro release N to distro release N+1. In other words no package dependencies may break when users want to upgrade their distro. That is achieved by requiring the higher distro release to contain at least the same or higher package build versions (in NEVR sense) than the lower distro release.

More information is at the moment available at

This check can be run with Taskotron framework.


Run the check standalone:

$ ./ f20-updates

(see --help for full usage description)

or through the Taskotron runner, if you give it a valid non-testing koji tag:

$ runtask -i f20-updates -t koji_tag upgradepath.yml


This tool is developed as part of Taskotron framework. The same contacts and the same ways to report a problem can be used.