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Created 7 years ago
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ARCHIVE: Continuous integration for Taskotron, to be executed on every commit to any of its projects
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Kamil Páral committed 4 years ago


This is kept around for archival purposes only.


Yo dawg, we heard you like Taskotron, so we put some Taskotron in yo Taskotron, so you can test while you are testing!

On a more serious note - this is an integration testsuite for the Taskotron stack. It is supposed to be running on every push to devel branch of any of the modules (Trigger, ExecDB, libtaskotron, ResultsDB, resultsdb_api).

PoC at the moment, but will be most probably enhanced to do something real real-time-soon-now.

The Dockerfiles of individual projects will have to be examined, and made compatible, but as a PoC, you can try it out with ResultsDB:

runtask --item "https://pagure.io/taskotron/resultsdb#refs/heads/develop#1d25e2e998a166cec15d78ca4b627988cecf53dd" --type git_commit --arch x86_64 runtask.yml