This is kept around for archival purposes only.

This a Taskotron task to run rpmgrill tool on newly built packages in Koji. The rpmgrill tool contains a number of plugins that each analyze some different aspect of the built rpm. We perform one run of the tool, but report multiple results back to resultsdb, one for each plugin. See recent results.

Running locally

You can run the same task locally by running the ansible playbook. Execute the following command as root (don't do this on a production machine!):

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=<NVR>

and replace <NVR> with a Koji build NVR.

For example:

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=tlog-4-1.fc27

You can see the results in ./artifacts/ directory.

Alternatively you can run the task through Taskotron runner:

$ runtask --item <NVR> --type koji_build task-rpmgrill/

Don't forget to use --ssh or --libvirt, otherwise you need to run this as root (not recommended). See Taskotron documentation.