This is kept around for archival purposes. It's not clear whether we'll use this project in the future.

This a Taskotron task to run meta-test-family on each new module build in Fedora.

Setting up development environment

Install libtaskotron:

sudo dnf install libtaskotron libtaskotron-fedora

Running the task through libtaskotron

It is recommended to run this in a VM, because this needs to run under root and can potentially break the system.

Replace testmodule-master-20170410111210 with modulename-stream-version you want to test:

sudo runtask --item testmodule-master-20170410111210 --type module_build runtask.yml

Learning modulename-stream-version

If you know just a koji build URL, there's is an approach to convert it to modulename-stream-version. E.g. for this example build you look into Tags and then execute the following script with module-XXX value you just learned:

export TAG=module-481d2dd61f4ae110
curl -s "$TAG" | \
  python -c 'import json,sys;resp=json.load(sys.stdin);print resp["results"][0]["variant_uid"]'

The answer for this example is memcached-master-20170412141649.