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@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ 




+ CATEGORY_NAME='directives'


  _ITALIC = re.compile(r"I\(([^)]+)\)")

  _BOLD = re.compile(r"B\(([^)]+)\)")

  _MODULE = re.compile(r"M\(([^)]+)\)")
@@ -470,6 +472,7 @@ 

      categories = list_modules(options.module_dir)

      category_names = categories.keys()


+     assert CATEGORY_NAME in category_names


      # Create the 'directives' directory if it doesn't exist

      if not os.path.exists(options.output_dir):
@@ -486,8 +489,8 @@ 

      category_list_file.write(".. toctree::\n")

      category_list_file.write("   :maxdepth: 1\n\n")


-     category_list_file.write("   list_of_%s_modules\n" % category_names[1])

-     process_category(category_names[1],

+     category_list_file.write("   list_of_%s_modules\n" % CATEGORY_NAME)

+     process_category(CATEGORY_NAME,




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@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ 

    createrepo_c           \

    gcc                    \

    git                    \

-   libtaskotron-config    \

    python3-doit           \

    python2-hawkey         \

    python3-hawkey         \
@@ -105,16 +104,17 @@ 




- The ``libtaskotron-config`` package installs config files with default values

- into ``/etc/taskotron``. If you need to change those default values, you can

- either change the files in ``/etc/taskotron`` or you can create config files

- inside your checkout with::

+ Libtaskotron searches ``/etc/taskotron`` and a ``conf/`` dir in your local

+ checkout for configuration files. There's currently one config file that is

+ mandatory to be present, so if you don't have libtaskotron RPMs installed, make

+ sure it is present (and keep it up-to-date), like this::


-   cp conf/taskotron.yaml.example conf/taskotron.yaml

    cp conf/yumrepoinfo.conf.example conf/yumrepoinfo.conf


- The configuration files in ``conf/`` take precedence over anything in ``/etc``,

- so make sure that you're editing the correct file if you create local copies.

+ If you need to override the default values of other config files, you can copy

+ over the ``*.example`` files in the ``conf/`` dir in a similar fashion and edit

+ them. The configuration files in ``conf/`` take precedence over anything in

+ ``/etc``.


  In the development environment, it's also useful to have taskotron-generated

  files automatically cleaned up, so that they don't occupy disk space in vain.
@@ -152,16 +152,6 @@ 

  sufficiently covered by the tests.



- .. FIXME

-   Continuous integration

-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


-   Ideally, one **should** run unit/functional tests before sending code for review.

-   However, it might happen that code that breaks tests gets pushed, for that we

-   have a basic support for running tests after each commit at

-   https://qa.fedoraproject.org/buildmaster/waterfall.



  .. _submitting-code:


  Submitting code

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@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ 




- Install ``libtaskotron``::

+ Install ``taskotron-runner``::


-   sudo dnf install libtaskotron

+   sudo dnf install taskotron-runner


  See :ref:`libtaskotron-modules` for more information on installing individual

@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ 


  .. code-block:: none


-   runtask --item htop-2.0.2-4.fc27 --type koji_build task-rpmlint/

+   runtask --item htop-2.2.0-2.fc29 --type koji_build task-rpmlint/


  The build will be downloaded to a local tempdir, rpmlint will be run against

  that build and the results will be saved in an artifacts directory (which will

file modified
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@@ -20,27 +20,19 @@ 

  libtaskotron modules



- As functionality has been added to libtaskotron, we've started breaking up that

- functionality into modules to increase flexibility and shrink the minimal

- install profile. Each module is packaged separately for easy installation.

+ The libtaskotron library is separated into the following RPM subpackages:


- libtaskotron is composed of 3 modules - ``libtaskotron-core``,

- ``libtaskotron-fedora`` and ``libtaskotron-disposable``.

+ **python2-libtaskotron**

+   Python 2 modules that tasks can make use of. See :doc:`library`.


+ **python3-libtaskotron**

+     Python 3 modules that tasks can make use of. See :doc:`library`.


- **libtaskotron-core**

-   The minimum needed to run tasks with libtaskotron. It consists of the most

-   basic bits that most tasks will use, and the runner.


- **libtaskotron-fedora**

-   The fedora-specific functionality which is in libtaskotron - things like

-   bodhi, koji and rpm-based directives.


- **libtaskotron-disposable**

-   The bits needed to enable execution with

-   :ref:`disposable-clients`. Local-only execution is still possible without

-   this module. Note that ``libtaskotron-disposable`` depends on testcloud_

-   which will pull in several other non-trivial dependencies.

+ **taskotron-runner**

+   The runner binary which can be used to execute the task on a local or a

+   remote machine. This also depends on libraries (like testcloud_) required for

+   spawning fresh virtual machines for executing tasks, see

+   :ref:`disposable-clients`.



  .. _running-tasks:

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@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ 

  ``{{artifacts}}/taskotron/results.yml`` file in :doc:`ResultYAML <resultyaml>`

  format. You can either generate it by hand, or you can use either a

  standalone command ``taskotron_result`` or a Python library, both provided by

- the ``libtaskotron-core`` package.

+ the ``python3-libtaskotron`` package.


  Usage of ``taskotron_result`` is very simple. Run it like this to save a result

  to a file::
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ 

    from libtaskotron import check


    def run_mytask(koji_build, artifacts):

-       print "Running mytask on %s" % koji_build

+       print("Running mytask on %s" % koji_build)

        result = 'PASSED'

        detail = check.CheckDetail(item=koji_build,


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