#354 create_report_directive: improve rendering when there's no artifact, cover with unit tests
Opened 7 years ago by kparal. Modified 5 years ago

In D945 we quickly fixed a crash that occurred when ResultsYAML items had no artifact defined. It fixed the crash, but it did not fix the template rendering (the artifact currently shows as hyperlinked "None" and it leads to a /path/None file) and it did not cover the bug with a unit test.

Please improve the rendering (for example, if there's no artifact, show --- similarly to a missing Note and don't hyperlink it) and also add unit tests to cover this change.


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6 years ago

I fixed the report part. https://pagure.io/fork/jlanda/taskotron/libtaskotron/c/57cc7ccd22bde8fa5bd57b80808deb3ae6277661?branch=no-artifact

I looked for unit tests about report content but I can't find anyone, just a file creation test without checking its content. Should I add an unit test to cover the content of the report on with artifacts and without artifacts use cases? Or should we cover more cases?

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