#244 drop or de-emphasize the upgradepath checks
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by kparal.

Reported as taskotron/taskotron-trigger#45 from @kevin:

In the past, upgrade path was very important for Fedora, because you needed newer Fedora releases to have all packages "newer" than the older releases for upgrades. However, now it's not as important, since the recommended upgrade method (dnf system-upgrade) uses 'distro-sync' instead of just upgrade, and even the secondary non recommented upgrade path is just using dnf distro-sync yourself.

This check often has problems when a branched release is in freeze before Beta or Final releases, as updates in older releases go out but updates for branched are frozen pending the milestone.

Since this check isn't that important now, can we drop it or at the very least change it to warning/low priority in the interface? Thanks.

Project page and wiki received a deprecation note:

@frantisekz removed upgradepath from trigger_rules and deployed the change.

A greenwave ticket is here:

A bodhi ticket is here:

A fmn pull request is here:

I believe that's everything needed from our side and we can close this ticket now.

Metadata Update from @kparal:
- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed

3 years ago

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